Secondary Advisory

VCP’s secondary advisory practice is fully integrated with our global fund placement business. We help buyers and sellers of fund interests and direct asset stakes to identify how best to approach the secondary market.

Buyers appreciate our ability to source mainstream assets from beyond the well-known holders, as well as identifying deep value opportunities in more esoteric positions. For sellers, this provides the opportunity to align existing portfolios more closely with future goals, monetize historic commitments, and free up capital for new opportunities or near-term liquidity needs. Following a consultation, VCP will devise a strategy to achieve optimal pricing in a manner consistent with the vendor’s other priorities, such as discretion, simplicity, and speed. By engaging our full network of investor relationships, we are able to reach both mainstream buyers and more opportunistic players to maximize competitive tension within an orderly and efficient process.

VCP also looks to harness the secondary market to serve the needs of our General Partner clients. Where a legacy fund threatens to become a distraction, VCP can advise on a wind-down or restructuring to provide liquidity to existing LPs and secure new financing for assets requiring additional investment. VCP has also helped managers to coordinate the sale of a secondary interest while securing a simultaneous commitment to their latest fund through a staple transaction.